About publishing a new design

Kindly how can I test my design before publishing it. Also I see that some designs have a purchase value, how can I set that for a new unique design that I worked hard to create.

In order to test before publishing you can click the blue send button from the creator or in the app on your phone, click the heart, and My Designs tab and sync from there.
Unfortunately the only way to set as a purchasable face is if you pay for the pro features or once you are a partner.
Hope this helps.

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OK So I have just subscribed for Pro, but I still don’t see any where anything where I can set a price or value before publishing.

kindly can you assist in guiding me with the process.

It will automatically set a price if you use the pro features. You cannot set a price yourself. And if you are not a partner you do not see profits from a paid watch face made with the pro features.
Hopefully this helps.

Sirius Designs.

thanks for the reply and update so let me understand now, I paid for pro, the system will set the price automatically but I will not benefit from any purchase and the partner is by invite only :s.

so i guess it is better to provide my designs for free at this point, I guess!
can you help in getting me an invite to partner? and is there an extra charge to that.


You’re correct about the first part.

Whether you give them away for free or do pro features is up to you. I apologize, I cannot help in getting an invite to partner. It is based on quality of designs, commitment to to community and I’m sure other aspects but that is all up to Facer staff.

Sirius Designs.

In addition to the information provided by Sirius this may be helpful as well:

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Great, thanks for update.
Hope you have a great evening