About that WCCI / WCCT again

Hey all,
I’m building a quick-glance weather meter that will show simply CLEAR, CLOUDY, WET. Those are the only three choices. So I’m going back to those odd WCCI values which if I remember are:
1 Fair
2 a few clouds
3 some more clouds
4 even more clouds but still sunny
9 light rain
10 standard rain
11 heavy rain or thunderstorm
13 snow
50 misty or foggy

so basically if #WCCI# < 5 then its some flavor of clear weather. I’ll either work dial degree angles or transparencies - haven’t decided yet.
Likewise if #WCCI# > 8 then its wet weather of some sort.

Is it still true that I should only use #WCCT#=Cloudy for cloudy but not raining conditions (instead of WCCI)?


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