About the altitude of the Facer

I am using the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 40mm.

I am curious about the difference between the altitude value confirmed in the built-in compass application and the altitude value of the Facer app.

Can the altitude value used in the Facer app be corrected or changed?

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Welcome to the Community @pangpyeongkwan where you’ll find loads to learn and lots of friendly, helpful people too :smiley:
As for your question: I’m sure someone will soon chip in to let you know about that. I never use it so wouldn’t know sorry. Please bear in mind that the Galaxy 4 is still a relatively new Watch though, so there will be lots of little things that need ironing out before Third Party “things” will work precisely right ok.

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Hi @pangpyeongkwan . Keep coming back. The Altitude on your built in app will be getting Air Pressure data from your watch and doing a calculation to estimate your Altitude . Facer can only get that data from the Local Weather Station it is connected to . This will never be a precise Number and I would be surprised if they ever matched up. My watch has me at -342 feet. But I check the Air pressure now and again with other devices and it is good. I know this does not help you much . Enjoy your New Watch.

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I had same problem. Altitude information of Facer watchface is different with altitude of samsung compass.(watch4). I am getting “-” informaton continuously.

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Welcome @finder15. I am not that Familiar with the New GW4. I will go and look. But you are talking about Altitude and Compass at the same time.
You will get your answer here. Just hold on I will get back.

So I have had a look at the Samsung Specifications for your Galaxy Watch 4. The say there are Barometer and Geomagnetic sensors on board. I understand there is pre installed Compass app that also shows Altitude . Is that working OK? Unfortunately a Barometer can only be used to give you a rough estimate of Altitude. It seems like your watch will also use GPS data to give you an accurate Altitude reading. Facer will be looking for this data to display on your Watch Face. It does not generate these numbers as far as I know. You will have to Calibrate your Compass sensor regularly. They pick up a lot of interfearance from you day. Take your watch off and waggle it vigorously in a figure of 8 for a bit. That resets the Magnetometer.
Please Get back. If there is no answer here we will point you to the. Tech Guys.

@russellcresser Thanks for your reply. But the altitude value of facer watchface is totally different with compass’s altitude value. Most of information from Facer is -(minus) Altitude. I don’t know what I have to see more exact information.

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Hi again @finder15. I am sorry this Altitude thing is very Frustrating. I have just looked at mine. I have lost about 40 feet while I was asleep in my bed. This is because the Air pressure has gone up a bit during the night. I leave my GPS on as well. Facer and Samsung will have different ways of using the Data to try estimate your Altitude. All I can say is try work out which one is most accurate and look there for the Data.
Notice on my Samsung App on my watch has a refresh button but it makes no difference to the number when I click it.
Could you let us know which Face you are looking at.

Thanks for your information. I used "thom Browne V4.1 Black Free. Not only this watchface. Most of watchface that show the altitude is same situation.
My location is 3rd floor. But altitude is -69m. Samsung compass app show 51m.

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Oh. I see that is very Clear. Nice wrist Shots. Well Done. I am not sure if @Facer_Official or someone like @Rator ever sees this sort of thing.
I am sorry to say that Facer gives me no Altitude reading on a face.
I would hope that since the GW4 is quite new on the scene that bugs like that will be sorted In due course.
I wonder how high your ground floor is above Sea Level. If we said you Samsung 51 meter was about right. The Facer - 69 is kind of within the tolerances I have seen. But sad you are shown below sea Level.

The only thing that is left is to contact Little Labs and show them the Wrist Shots.
Facer Support facer-support@little-labs.com

Thanks for your reply. My floor is 3rd.

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So @finder15 . Thank you for Following Me . That Means a Lot.
I see you are on the third floor . I wonder if where you live is near sea level . Just wondering how Accurate that is . You will see from one of my pics that the Altitude on my Samsung App has changed since I calibrated it to be quite well within what I would expect. I also checked my altitude with Google Earth .
I am wondering that your Samsung App might be getting your Altitude from your GPS .
When you say most of the Facer Faces give the same Altitude do you have a few that are different ?


In my understanding, Galaxy Watch4 get the Altimeter from GPS. I checked several watchface of facer and they show similar altimeter value.

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As I said. Sadly the Facer Altitude reading Does not show on my Watch only Samsung. So I can not make the comparison between the two. Let us hope that the Altitude is something they are fixing as we speak.