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Welcome to Facer! This category is intended for Facer users to introduce themselves to the community.

A few rules/suggestions to follow:

  • Create a new topic for yourself when you introduce yourself with Title: “Hi, I am [facer name]”!"
  • Write a short introduction about who you are, where you are from, and what smartwatch you are wearing
  • Include a picture of your watch with your favorite watch face on it

Have fun!


Hey and a happy new year. I’m B-One, Gérard in real. 40 years old from Germany. And I love watches :smiley:
The handbag for men!

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ciao sono marcopircing dall italia…mi piacciono gli smartwatch,li ho dal 1 modello con sistema propietario,e da li , li ho posseduti tutti,ma propio tutti,ora ho un lg urbane 2 3g,e un galaxy watch 46mm

Hi everyone ! I’m Ed Nurenberg, a watch collector and watchface hobbyist. Uncluttered, no garbage health icons for me. I’m also a retired Vietnam veteran enjoying life.

I like Hot Bikes and Hot Chicks!

Hi I’m Paige a Facer Premium user. I wear a Galaxy Gear S3 watch. I originally had a question about changing numbers showing up in the upper left hand corner of the screen when I clicked on the different watchfaces in the Facer App. However, the disappeared with the next of the app.

Hi I am Tia a writer that loves to watch crime shows. I recently got the Google pixel watch and started to use this app to make watchface for my :watch:.

Hello, I am fatih şendur by (FS Watchface) I have a galaxy watch 4 classic.I am Facer watch interface designer, you can check it from my profile.

Hi I am Puppy Hugger (Wear OS) And I love animals, so many of my watch faces will have animals on them. I started making watch faces 2 months ago and loved it. I still am just starting so I only have 25 followers (3 of them are family) I like listening to music while making watch faces. Sometimes I make my own watch face backgrounds on an AI art maker called night cafe my name on night cafe is AddieHusky