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The watch faces will not appear on my Fossil Q. Whenever I load a new face, the watch face just stays black. I have tried reloading the facer app, restarting the watch and phone, all to no avail. Any suggestions?

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier: Have a query re DIM mode, in dim mode my watch displays a dim version of the active face even though I’ve designed an alternate face for DIM mode, is this a Gear S3 issue can someone please check on another wearable please. See attached screen grabs

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Problem with themed watches not returning to default theme colour: On several of my watches (still awaiting approval so in draft mode, inspector enabled) once user has change theme colour there is no way of returning to original default colour, I’ve tried the following, reinstalling companion app, facer app, sync from desktop and phone (Samsung J3 and Samsung S3 Frontier all with latest software inc. beta, problem also with previous builds). Once face is stuck in this mode the only way to work around it is to remove facer app and reinstall, problem still persists once colour is changed. Am I doing something wrong in creator?

  1. Swiss Military LCD MK2
  2. Swiss Army MK2
  3. Swiss Army (This face is live)

STEPS NOT WORKING: Latest software phone (3.1.6_1677) and on watch (3.1.4) lost steps on all my faces when sync’d to Samsung S3 Frontier (R760XXU2BQC5) - have had similar problem with previous iterations but was able to restore functionality by rebooting watch and phone - now seems to be a bug please fix as soon as possible - thanks - also feedback from other welcomed

How do i change which watch i want to share my faces with? thanks a lot

Hello I am having trouble connecting my watch to Bluetooth?

I cannot get my watch face to show on my motorcycle 360 I just updated it to 2.0 then downloaded this app and I love the designs but it won’t transfer from phone to watch

the presentation of my watchface looks other than the original design on the watch (Gear S3 Frontrier).
The picture got “shadow” and now is the pic complete gray on the presentation (not on the watch)

Can somebody help me please?


With regards to the facer app and the companion app…

Are there any apps that I need to make sure my phone / watch has installed to make sure everything works properly?