About the Tags & Functions in Facer Creator category

Welcome to this new section of the forum dedicated to allowing you to suggest new tags or functions you could use in the Facer Creator!

Quick rules:

  1. Only ONE suggestion per post: this will help make sure the conversation stays focused and that people can vote on their favorite ones.
  2. Be specific about your suggestion: what is the name of the tag/function you’d like to see, what values would it take, what could you use it for?

We’ll be looking at this section on a regular basis to mine for the top ideas to add to our next updates of the Creator.

See the current list at Tags & Functions in Facer Creator - FACER Community

The Facer team

How can people vote?
Just by likes, or is there another way?

@Mellin likes for now, but we’re looking into better ways in the future

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