About tick marks

hi, when i go to choose a tick mark, they are all rounds.
i would like to have some of them also half-circle or not fully rounded.
is possible to add them in facer or where to go to download some of them ???
see my picture for understand what i want.
thank to all.

see the seconds circle, thank.

Hi, put the hand in the middle of the second disc

Typically when we make things like that we use image editing software like Photoshop to create our own indicies. You could use solid black shapes strategically placed between certain layers to make it happen though.

no, sorry, maybe i have explained bad.
if you see seconds circle, i have removed the 3 bottom rounds.
but i ask if i can found marks already made with half-circle or -210 to 210 ecc ecc.

the problem is that i cannot move outside the tick marks from the program.
i would ask where to found tick marks modified, like half-circle and not all
entire circles.

The only place I know to download some would be in this forum under resources > tick marks. @andrew.dowden has been kind enough to supply a lot of options but I’m not sure if what you’re looking for will be there. Wouldn’t hurt to check though.

Perhaps you could describe exactly want you need …

Happy to create a graphic to suit.

something like this:

I can do something similar to this, and/or add legend (numbers):

These are in black, slightly lighter on edges.

I can also do in light-grey, so you can assign your own colour(s) …

thank you, they are very nice.
i want ask:
what you have used for create them ???

I use Inkscape (vector graphics: .svg, etc.) to create the initial images, but based on tools (pre-built images, icons, shading, etc.). These are exported to ‘raw’ .png files (with transparency).

Then I use use Gimp (bit-image editor: .png, .jpeg/.jpg, etc.) to finish, including removal of registering marks (for edges , corners), add textures, re-colour, and/or to check centering (for hands, cogs, etc.).

Both are running on 64-bit Ubuntu Linux, but may also work on Mac or Windows

Several discussions on this forum, with more information …

ok, i understand.
is a lot of work and i have to use my pc
also for share movies.