Absolutely Love This One

I absolutely love this Face and would love to hear your comments/thoughts/ideas on it please


I think the effect is well done, though probably a bit too active for my personal taste. Wouldn’t surprise me if it is a popular release though :slight_smile:

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Thanks kvansant, my mum hates anything with flashing on it too :joy:

I love this design so much, that even though I don’t have a Premium Account here on Creator, I just published multiple versions of it in a few different colours :joy:

congratulations, nice work, these are the watches I love to see

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Very good. I’d be wearing it if Facer would fix the freeze up on Samsung watches. But this is about your design. Keep it up. Very nice, and the moving stuff? I would only answer those complaints IN ALL CAPS. :slight_smile:

Critiques never build anything,

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Thank you very much markorr, my Samsung is still running on old software so all my designs work perfectly. This Community is awesome, thanks for your kind words and support Sir :+1: