Abyss...new unpublished face

I just created my second face and I really would appreciate your comments and thoughts

Thanks in advance


I really like it, For me I think on the right i’d lose the month and have the outer dial reflect day of week and just the date in the center. I would probably lose the Oz p5 and move the Abyss up and in its old place put a third dial so you reduce the left dial down from 4 statuses to 2 and put the other 2 into the new 3rd dial. Thinking of my eyes that’s all lol.

Buy hey that’s only IMHO and you got far more skills than me :wink:

Kindest Regards

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Thank you @dave6

I will re-work it and see how it goes…

looks nice mate. I cant seem to get on with the ones where they try real hard to replicate real life watches. Those guys have some serious skills and I dred to think of the countless hours those designs take to make yet whenever i apply one they just looks so flat and really dont work for me, but yours has depth. We have to remember these are essentially just screens so we have to exploit that and make high impact high contrast watches that makes everyone go wow and remain SMART at the same time.

Its fun though isnt it :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new to watch face making and Facer, I do a lot of faces on Gear Watch Designer as I have Galaxy Watch and It is fun (when time permits), sometimes on a weekend I can easilt spend 2-4 hours working on a model. I do look around when trying to get ideas however I never replicate a brand name or face created by other designers.
What fascinated me when I started working with Facer is the math possibilities (I’m not so good with that) and I would like to thank all the designers out their who work and share complex expressions and fotmulas, those helped me a lot.


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I updated the face as per @dave6 suggestions…I would appreciate any comments


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wow, cant believe you listened to me, I like it mate. very clean and easy to read. Looking forward to seeing how that colour illuminates on the watch itself.

If you think your gonna make a few and like to display yourOz barand maybe make a catchy but subtle little logo like on all the Gauss range.

That’s why I showed the draft; to get feedback and opinions, and to test suggestions
I’m working on a logo for the brand, soon to be implemented…

Just updated… I think it looks much better… what do you think?

I like it a lot … I particularly like the shape of the hands. Well done!

Thank you all for your feedback, just published…
I hope you like it and enjoy it

Nice face. Nice color to begin with too. Something I can see wearing.

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it