Accelerometer and Huawei Watch2

I am trying to create a watchface with accelerometer functions and I have just discovered that on my watch this functions dows not work at all - accelerometerRawX() and accelerometerRawY().
When I try to move something or to change other attributes, nothing happens.
So I tried @MellinUltimate Testing Face” and I had the same results;
The item “#2” does not move.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Can you add your devices and OS versions?

Sorry for the delay, sure I can:


Model: LEO-BX9
Device name: HUAWEI WATCH 2 0202
Serial number: YGV7N17907000202
Build number: N7l76C

Android Wear:
Googla Play Services: 11.9.75 (530-182402865)
Android Operative System: 7.1.1


Device name: Samsung Galaxy S7
Model code: SM-G930F

Android version: 7.0
Base band version: G930FXXU1DRA2
Kernel version: 3.18.14-12365438
Build version: NRD90M.G930FXXU1DRA2

One hour ago my watch has updated Facer to version 4.5.2_4809 and now it works!!
My test faces and @Mellin one works as expected!
You guys are great

Yea thought so.
I also had problems with the beta, but current stable version works.

Thank you guys, and thank you to you, @mellin!