Accelerometer vs Gyro Confusion

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Please excuse me but I must try invoke @Mellin . Following your lead I got some very successful results with accelerometerRaw() on the Y axis of My Watch. But Trying it on the X axis I get the little Ball running back to the centre after a few seconds . The main reason I was using Gyro on the X axis which is actually Y . Oh God I have confused myself. Is is does not do that and it is so smooth. I find accel a bit jittery , which is great for toggling layers etc but the little bubble looks nervous. I pray that Samsung et alles do not set things up like this and they are teething problems. I have used Accel and Gyro on the BBC Microbit and other Arduino Devices but I have to say I know only a little .
It is wonderful that Accel is Previewed on the Apps. But I thing we should make it clear that it is not Gyro. I would love to carry on with Gyro but it does get Stuck some times.
Any way thanks very much Mellin.


No idea what you’re talking about here, but I wish you luck…and I’ll be keeping an eye on this Thread to see if I can learn something new thanks :wink:


If I remember the discussion correctly the summation of the thread I read was that WearOS watches use the gyro and Samsung uses the accelerometer. And you must use the @Mellin constant expression, (accelerometerX())x(accelerometerY()) in an unseen text element. The links to the Community Forum that I have saved for this are: [TOMAJA Mini Tutorial] Gyro 3D Interactive Wrist Movement Effects & Animations , [Tutorial] Gravity Rotation and Shaky Taco!. That’s everything I know about gyro vs accelerometer coding.


Thanks so much I need the reminders. I forgot to add the Mellin Magic.

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In case anyone is still Intrested. No Mellin Magic on this one. Keep it Simple… : )