[TOMAJA Mini Tutorial] Gyro 3D Interactive Wrist Movement Effects & Animations

Hello to everybody,

welcome to my new tutorial, where I show you how easy and simple a super cool wrist movements interactive (2D and 3D) effect could be. We will speak about the accelerometer (gyro) functions. Actually, it is so easy that one picture explains everything :wink:

As you see one number is everything we need to deal with. In the picture above (most natural movements of a wrist between the angle 0 and 90 degree) this value is increasing smoothly from 0 to 10.

Here is the “tag” for this Y-Axis movements.


The value change depending on the watch position between -10 and +10. Zero is the horizontal position.

The same works in the X-Axis (Right and Left Rotation) in the same way.




Here a simple example for my paid watch face with animation depending on wrist movement.

If you would like to have an animation with 10 frames depending on Y-Axis movements, your coding per frames could looks like this (please feel free to copy & pate those expressions into the Transparency fields):


There is also a Mini Tutorial for the flame too.



Here is another simple example (using only X-Axis Position) with a nice effect and my free watch face:


In the open Inspector Mode the interactive dynamic element calls “GREEN WATER” :wink:


There is (I think still) one important thing for having good results at all different watch faces supporting this function. It’s called the @Mellin s Constant and you will need to put it into your watch face creation as a separated (invisible) element. This small (important) trick start the accelerometer working.

Secret Mellin’s Constant Coding:

(accelerometerX()) x (accelerometerY())


In the case this tutorial was too easy for you, here is the MASTER LEVEL TUTORIAL for gravity rotation from @Mellin and another one with an example and open Inspector Mode from TOMAJA Design :heart:.


great job

@Tomas Is there any way to control the movement of an element? for example, if I wanted the “A” element to only move in “Y” from 160 to 200 when I move the wrist in the 0 to 8 range of the accelerometer. How should the code be? It is important that only move from 0 to 8 and not in -1 to -10 …

Hi @GRR! Sure you could easily move any objects in the direction you like. I your case for

Y Position it would be


for the range 0 to 8. For me, the 0 to 8 (first picture in this thread) is the most natural movement of the wrist. However you could move your wrist to another direction too as well up to 10.