accelerometerRaw Jitters

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This is just a test at the moment. I was wondering if any Facer Heroes out there could point me in the right direction to take some of the Jitter out of the above. I have given it a very high Multiplication Factor to get the range but it is naturally very Jittery. I was wondering if the interpDecel(current, min, max, accelerationFactor) might play but I dont know the game : )

If you are testing it on a Samsung watch it will jitter no matter what you do. The way I understand it the Samsung Tizen reads acceleration and WearOS reads position. Because of that the Samsung will show a quick burst of movement then snap back where the WearOS watches will move slowly and stay in position until moved again. I’ve given up using any motion based expressions in my faces because of that.


Yeah Thanks. I spent some time with positional stuff on Arduino and the like. It seemed to me like there is some confusion between acceleration and position on the Samsung I have. accelerometer snaps back while accelerometerRaw holds position. Gyro just crashes so often it is not worth talking about but should be better for position. Having said that Gyro is smooth when it works. I am seriously thinking of abandoninmy efforts as I am not getting what I want from it. Concentrate on some Sytle maybe. Thanks again for your input.