accelerometrerRaw() with DWE

This has now gone too far .
I just thought someone might be interested in the Gubbins .

The problem I have is when I look at the face at night I only see the data back not the Time because the accelerometer thinks I am standing and have lifted the face vertically .
So I put another face on it that is dismissed with DWE .
So if you include the AOD here are Four faces on the watch .

So that’s what you get if you let a Kid Lose in the Sweetie Shop.

Unfortunately the Parent of this Face was a Publication and along with other problems like The description being Incorrect .

So I have decided to start Again Can you Imagine .

I think I have a Template for a 32 Phase Moon Gadget somewhere for starting with as you may Imagine those 32 Layers are a Lot of work . I have looks at the Gauss Vector method of doing it but i think doing that drawing would be almost as much work.

So I am going to scrap the top Night Face and put this on the Data Back Layers





Did you include Mellin’s secret formula as a hidden text file? (accelerometerX())x(accelerometerY())
It is supposed to help keep accelerometer issues at bay.


Sir I think I did . Because I only use the Y which is the most stable axis I find I don’t need it . But if you want X and Y to work properly you have to use every trick in the Book . Don’t Start me On Gyro .
But Respect to you for flagging it up . Those who are Embanking on stuff at this level need to go and Meet Mellin and learn some of Merlin’s Secrets for sure. ( any way that is how I remember his name ) I some times have it to move a hidden shape about . NO concern about overhead .

The Other thing I was going to say is . when working on this face on the old Creator I had real trouble it was so very Laggy and Crashy that I stopped adding bits . The new Creator7 has enabled me to carry on with my own bit of Bloatware.


I figured you did, but I wanted to make sure just in case. I “think” Mellin is Merlin’s brother! :laughing:


Yeah I would say . Just changed his name so he could go Incognito .



Just wait until @icrltd4 sees that gif, he’ll make a watch out of it. :laughing:


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