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I had a few watches that were “knock offs” that I uploaded. Some of them didn’t get uploaded at all and were flagged as copyright infringement, which is fine. But recently, my account was just deactivated without an email. I was wondering why? Was it from a certain “number” of watch faces deactivated? Or something else? Any info would be appreciated, as I like this app/software, and want to continue using it, but don’t want to another account deactivated. If I fully know the reason, then I would obviously not do what could potentially get me kicked off. Additionally, can I now not use the email address of the account that was de-activated?


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Could you send us an email at We can look into why your account was suspended, but in most cases this is due to repeated copyright/trademark infringements with no change in behavior after being notified repeatedly.


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If you get your account deactivated it is because you have infringed copyright.
They must not warn you to deactivate your account if you violate copyright.
They can be denounced for this reason and your faces will obscure those of honest designers who try to create beautiful faces without copying the big brands.
So if you’ve been deactivated you obviously deserved it.

Thanks, Captain Obvious. As someone who was new to this platform. I was looking for more details, such as if this happened “x” number of times, they deactivate your account. I was blindsided by it. I thought maybe they rejected it, so you’d try to alter it so it doesn’t infringe anything. So I kept trying a handful of times and my account was deactivated without saying, “hey, you hand 6 attempts in the past 4 months, one more and we will deactivate your account.”

For example, I would create watch faces that looked like brand names, but were spelled different, used slightly different logos, etc…

Is it considered copyright infringement if I put up a a “Time-Ex” which looked like a “Timex”? It’s different spelling, and there is no logo. What if I really like a silver face watch w dials, but Rolex has one out like that? Can I make my own to look like that and call it “Rollex” (notice the extra “L”)? And could I use a different crown instead of their copyrighted crown? Do you see what I’m saying?

What are the rules? A simple response that ends with “if you were deactivated, you deserved it” isn’t helpful. Especially in a forum designed specifically for help.

The entire purpose for me asking is because I don’t want it to happen again. If you have info that is helpful for me, that would be appreciated.

FYI…I’m not trying to “get away” with it, I’m trying to learn from it.


Well, it‘s good that you want to learn. It‘s easy: Don‘t make clones, don‘t call your watch faces „some sort of similar“. Just design your own ones. And if they become famous it‘s because of your work. Then you can be truly proud of your own creations.

You may research famous brands and test why they are famous, that will help you in that process.

But - just don‘t clone. The swiss watch association is nowadays very triggerhappy. They already went to court against the samsung store.

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Firstly let me congratulate you on the tone of your posts - despite your obvious disappointment, your posts are reasonable, measured and very polite; something we unfortunately don’t always see on internet forums.

The Rollex and Time-Ex watch faces that were recently posted and removed were very high quality and speak of considerable skill. All I can suggest is that if you account is reactivated that you completely avoid any registered trademarks and brand names, or anything similar to them, and instead create your own unique trademark and name. As for existing designs from famous brands, well, you obviously have good skills, you just need to take inspiration from them and apply your skills to come up with something new and unique.

Best of luck.