Account 'lost' all designs on password reset

Hi Team,

I have ‘lost’ all of the designs I was working on from my account, which occurred when i requested a password reset.

I say ‘lost’ as when i access my profile they are not there, but if i look back into my browser history - I can access them!!

I am using the web browser version of the app. Opening the offline version shows the same empty workspace…

I was unable to send a new design update to my S3. The system provided a “Sent to your S3” message but the face never appeared on the phone or in the ‘chooser’. I tried again, saved the design and decided to log out/in again to see if this cleared the issue. When I tried to log in again I could not remember my password (duh…) and clicked the reset password link, received the email etc and reset the password.

On re logging in - all my work appears to be gone! My account says “No Designs”.
I then hit page back a few times and voila, the designs are still there, accessible and I can edit and save.

I still cannot send them to my S3.

If I then click on my profile I am told “no designs” - again a “back” will bring them back to me.
I am loath to close my browser as I dont want to loose them …

Can you please advise what I should do?

Further the app on my andriod phone (S7) is now suggesting there is no internet connection.
If I reinstall the facer app on my phone will I loose sync?

That’s weird…

I was going to change my password (ones a year security precaution), so I will check if it will look the same way for me.

Did you reset your password via mobile app or the website?

@dunx.savage Hi there!

Sorry about that, can you send us an email at One of our team members will look into it. Resetting your password should definitely not have any effect on any of your data.

Hi Mellin,

I reset via web site. Its all very strange.

I’ve sent myself a password change message using Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more but it’s been an hour and I still don’t see it.
Did Facer stopped this function for the time?

Just tested and it worked for me. You sure the email isn’t in a spam folder of some sort?

Not in the spam, not in the trash and I did refresh it.
It’s been over 10 hours…
I just asked again so I will let you know.

Thankfully I didn’t forget my password so it"s ok for now.
I also noticed something strange: there is no way to change my password while still being logged in - I have to log out and say that I don’t remember it.

That’s all very weird! Will ask our team to investigate.

Another 10-11 hours later and still nothing (I have received other messages from other sources).

Over 24 hours from the first try and nothing…

@Mellin @dunx.savage FYI, Facer 4.5.5 will fix a bug where resetting your password on the web may prevent you from accessing Facer content in the app (it didn’t properly detect that the session was invalidated). I suspect this is what happened there.

I used Facer - Thousands of FREE watch faces for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more and I still didn’t receive the email…
Thankfully it’s not that I forgot my password, but I would like to change it because I have a better/more secure/ easier to remember way of creating passwords now.

Ok -I’m back!

My account is now synced and shows designs.

Now hopefully when i sync the designs again the weather will start to work …

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We’re still working on some weather related issues but hoping to have them all fixed by the end of the week. If you’re still seeing some issues, it should be fairly temporary. Thanks for your patience!