Active, Dim, Ambient and AOD?

Technical terms all four - at least they seem to be as all are referred to in one way or another in posts and in Facer Docs.
What in practise do they mean?
Active - this is the mode that shows seconds and animations and is only on for a few seconds (to save battery), Dim is what shows when not Active and AOD (Always on Display) is turned on, Ambient I guess is another name for Dim - but I’m not sure. Can someone point me to where these are defined and or correct me if I’m wrong.


This is from Facer’s Help Center. As a heads up where it talks about “classic or dimmed” only applies to older Samsung watches with Tizen and not the newer WearOS ones.

Enabling always-on mode on your Samsung watch


I don’t have a fruit watch nor do I know much about them (except for 1 eternal fact!), do they also have a dim/AOD mode?

I’m testing one such face, and when I view it in what I would normally call the AOD mode, it does show differently-- just like my regular faces. But I see no “dim” option in Creator for this face, nor do published fruit faces appear to have a dim mode when I tap the corresponding dim button. So… what gives?!

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It’s my understanding that those watches only have AOD in the last two or three generations. The older ones do not have it. Since we don’t have the tools to play around with AOD dim mode faces I don’t worry about it. I’m happy to let Apple and Facer figure it out on their own.


I’m still a bit in the dark with Apple’s AOD (to use every pun imaginable)… every fruit watch I see listed has a functional AOD when you tap its sunburst icon, while mine looks crappy. Meanwhile, there’s no DIM tab in Creator to address AOD on a fruit face. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :roll_eyes:

That’s another of those things that is controlled by Apple.

Then how does every listed face I see have a functional AOD when I tap the sunburst button, while mine looks crappy? I don’t want my AOD to look like that!

I don’t have an Apple to test that on. I know of no way to actually create an image for Dim Mode. It may be because of the way you have the font displayed to replicate the digital effect. Try creating an Apple without that font effect, and with only one font style. I think the bottom line is that Apple does not want us to use too many resources.

Ok, if Apple did not want much resources used, they should not force all text layers turning to brightest white in dim mode (even the “shadows”), while letting background images unchanged and without any mention about it. That does not make much sense from their side. Unless its not Apple forcing this. Its Facer’s default setting for dim mode text color.

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Even with all such effects removed, there is still a major AOD problem with using text on a fruit watch.

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That is just another reason that justifies my decision to give up on trying to make watchfaces for Apple.

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We seem to be discussing 2 issues here:

  1. The problem kourosh is having with his distorted image.
  2. Why there is an image at full brightness in Dim Mode

If you have an Apple watch do you see full brightness on the watch in Dim Mode or is that just Facer’s preview image in the app/webpage?

I do not have Apple watch to test this, but both things we run into appear on the Facer’s preview.

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I’ve never had a complaint from an Apple owner so I doubt that Dim Mode is anything but black.

By the God’s I wish there was a Contributer here who actualy uses an Apple Watch .

There have been a few that Introduced themselves .But they Don’t hang about ?
Like Mr AnticocilaGuy @mrantisocialguy .I have stopped Doing Apple Faces . I find it Embarrassing now , having decided to pay for the Privilige of using the PRO stuff .

Even @Facer_Official fails to contribute on these Topics .
Is Facer Losing its Wedding Plans with Apple .

But as Far as I Know there is no AOD mode on an Apple Face and it is a Mistake of Facers to have it in Creator .

From my perspective, it’s the same issue: text on a fruit face’s dim mode shows at full brightness, which in the case of my original fruit face, looks distorted (because of its LCD situation**). And the sub-issue is that the faces have a dim mode using the sunburst button, but there’s no corresponding dim mode tab in Creator.

For all I know, fruit watches have no dim mode to begin with – I don’t have one so I don’t know – but I do wish Facer would come out and shed official word on the subject(s). VR800 has been downloaded 407 times so far, but no one has bothered to complain yet-- and what’s even worse, right now it’s #20 on the top fruit chart :roll_eyes:

** And the LCD issue is that in the original VR800 face (as well as its source, the VR610 LCD face), each digit is 3 separate text elements: top layer is the digit itself, layer below is the offset shadow the digit casts, and layer below that is the faint silhouette of the off-state LCD segment. With the fruit face’s AOD turned on, all 3 layers show as full brightness in all white.


I just tested your face on our Apple Watch Series 8. Your face looks the same in bright and AOD modes, it does not go white, it just dims a bit.

My understanding is that Facer has no control over what Apple does when the watch goes into AOD. Apple does whatever it thinks best.

I don’t know why the text on your face goes white in the preview when the dim widget is pressed. I think the best thing is to raise a support request as a possible bug.


Thanks @Linlay and @mikeoday for your contribution . Good to see a Partner here now and again .

I have just looked at my Vast Collection of Apple Efforts . I note with Pleasure that I mostly used white TEXT . It is only Fonts that get a WHITE OUT . Strangely the GLOW effect that we don’t use these days stays the colour that it was set . Too much Voodoo .

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Thank you for testing and your feedback! So bottom line is: I should ignore the preview’s dim mode.

That’s one fruity mystery out of 2 solved.

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You are most welcome.

By the way - when at 100%, the battery level display overlaps with other elements on your face.