Active time wanting to stay on longer

Is there a way to make the active screen stay on longer??? I don’t know if Facer can do this or it depends on the watch

That is usually dependent on the watch. What kind of watch are you using? I know on Tizen(Samsung) watches there is a setting in the watch for it. On Wear OS watches you cannot change the screen active time.

There’s also an app called StayLit that myself and others use but its a paid app. Not sure if there’s free alternatives or not though.

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It’s true I was looking into that, just didn’t want to pay but that is the only downside about wear OS is that there is no option to change the screen active time.

Like Orion said, Tizen has it’s own settings. As such, the Stay Lit app doesn’t work on Tizen OS, but it works great on Android. It’s 2 bucks. I know it’s not free, but it’s $2… not $1500. :smile:


Yes, I can confirm. Staylit is well worth the $2.

May have to just buy it because 1.5 seconds is not much time to see the time and other info haha.

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