Activity Counter

Is anyone else having issue with the steps never starting over each day?

I have the same issue. It seems to restart every 48 hours instead of 12. I currently have 24000 steps…

I don’t have this issue on the google fit watchface or any other.

Running latest android on LG G watch.

Currently sitting at 84000 steps as the step counter has not updated/reset in several days.

How does facer access the step count? Does it take it from the watch or the phone?

Hi, same issues here with a Moto360 2nd gen

Actually I hav a problem in step counter because is always displaying 0
On google fit (or others kind of watch face) steps are rightly displayed. Probably this problem born on updating android to 6.0 on my phone.
Some suggestions?

Same issue on Gear S3. Anyone find a fix?