Add Google Assistant to watch face?

I’m just getting started designing watches, and I’ve got the Ticwatch E which came with a default face the “Elements Pointer” I love the face because I can add Google Assistant and Calendar Elements to it. I have not figured out how to get these elements on Facer designed. Has anyone figured this out?

@coelho52872 If im correct IF it can be done , the premium designers are the only ones that would have those tools. Maybe one of them will chime in here and let you know :slight_smile: Good luck

The interactive tap options on premium designs centers on 8 application “launchers” that the designer can integrate into a design:

  1. Activity app (steps, heart rate, calories, goals, etc)
  2. Calendar app
  3. Weather app
  4. Alarm app
  5. Reminders app
  6. Contacts app
  7. Phone app
  8. Settings app

When inserted into a face, the designer is giving the wearer the capability of launching these apps that are built-in to Wear 2.0. A designer may not always place all 8 functions in a design. I always add activity and weather to my designs. The others I use more sparsely. These are the 8 options for the designer in the Creator tool.



@jmorga106 Thx a bunch, that helps alot , I know recently several people have been asking for a couple tap options. at least i can refer them to this post :slight_smile: