Add Heartbeat and Year

I went “simple” and is GREAT…I need help with adding “Heart Beat” and “YEAR ‘only’”…

I currently have:

top left - Temp
Top Right - batt
Center - Time
Below Time is Day, date

TOP Center - Heart Rate
Bottom Center - YEAR (2017)

Desire Year at very bottom -with “New Year” I figure this would be BEST IF it stood out and “2017”

Using “Facer” with S3 Frontier, ALL were simple!! Just do NOT have the “clicker” for “HR” and “ONLY YEAR”

Thank you to ANYONE that is willing to help!


Hi, I have one question. How to Add Heart Rate Meters. I n´found it in the menu FC :confused:

Perhaps read:

And then ask more specific question(s) … (in new topic).

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