Adding beats per min to watch Face I made

I like to use my Windows computer to make the watch Faces I make
But i like to add beats per min from heart since watch can do this
but I don’t see anywhere In App or online I can do this

Online in creater, select add text, and type #ZHC#
This will give your Heart rate/beats per minute.
Hope this helps.

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Beats per minute is not possible, you can’t send your heart rate in real time to a watch… as Orion point out you can show the result of the last measurement…

I probably get comments again but I have a DJ background… beats per minute are always in real time, we used them to “mix” records as long records with the same BPM (beatsperminute) can be mixed to a real nice long mix here we called them grandmix…

The heart rate on a watch is always just from a moment (now my English is holding me back) Maybe I give now to much information lolz

okay I tried this and it disappears after i add the 2nd #

That’s my fault I’m sorry. Should be #ZHR#