Adding Do not Disturb icon

OK this is probably a really stupid question but…

How do you add a do not disturb icon? I’m currently using the free version of creator, is it something that signing up to “pro” unlocks?

If this is a really daft question is there any documentation anywhere to answer these typr=es of questions?



Check the help topics for what you can actually do in creator for free and what with the “pro” version.

There are no tags in Facer which could be used to trigger a do not disturb icon. That is something that happens automatically in the watches firmware. Facer doesn’t have permission to access that part of a watch’s operation.

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Ah OK thanks. Can you not reposition the dnd icon then? The watchface I currently use is great but the dnd icon blocks the date! I guess if I’m creating one I can just leave the very top and bottom free…

Thanks again.

That’s still a hardware issue. That icon is built into each watch brand’s proprietary packaging of the OS. Facer has no way to be involved with that. But like you say, if you use dnd a lot then you can make a face that leaves room for the icon.

@kvansant @staffsmatt

That is exactly what I do with my unpublished personal faces. I leave room for the DND icon and also for the yellow message indicator center left on my Samsung watches. I’ve noticed if I’m using a yellow font for the digital time the message dot gets lost in a very similar color.

Ah OK, I’m coming from an amazfit bip where everything was just a png which you dropped where ever you liked, I’ll just avoid those hotspots then. Thanks!

Also @mrantisocialguy special thanks to you as I stole the formula for a blinking colon off one of your designs!

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That is the reason all my faces are open. Help yourself to any expressions you find. :+1: