Adding images withiout any backgrounds

I have an image that seems to have no background but when i add it to my watch face it has a background that covers anythign behind it, any ideas how to fix this?
basically its the batman symbol that i want to use to mimic the scond hand. I was able to add it to my watch and get the image to spin in sync with second hand but instead of just the symbol covering behind i get a full rectangle

Is it a PNG file ?

yes it is a .png file

Yep thats OK, has a transparent background

It depends on how the computer saves it. Did you right-click>Save or use the Download button provided on that page?
After you save it, is it previewed on your computer with the gray and white background? If so do you have a graphics editing app? That would be the easiest way to fix it.

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no idea what you did but your version works. THANK YOU!!!

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Welcome , and good 2020!

I already had it :slight_smile: Iā€™d also used it