Adding Layers (compass)

I have been in inspector mode studying this watch because I want to add an active, visual compass. Looking at the layer used in this face it’s very similar to the moon-phase. I can’t figure out how to add a blank (compass) layer on which I can add images.

Anyone tell me how to do this or point me in the right direction?

Thanks -

You have to work with VARs and opacity.
The VAR to switch on or off the elements you want to show.

Check this watch face, it has multiple faces:

tom.vannes you have many very interesting watchfaces. Good work!

Sorry, I’m off the topic.

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Thank you! I’m still a novice. Still learning. Looking to include more complications soon -

What are you actually trying to do? A switchable image of compass, or just any working one?

I’m trying to create a compass that moves like a compass that I design myself rather than the SSE, N, NNE stuff.

Check out my LYNX series, most of them have a compass. Some even go full size if you click on them.

Then you need to make the image you like, insert it as image layer and set its rotation to use the #CMP# tag.
Why is its direction in the given example reverted, I cant tell. I have no watch with this feature to test on.

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I’ve found #CMP# points to my heading and (360-#CMP#) points north no matter which way I am facing, like a magnetic compass.