Adding Published Faces to Collections via Creator

Would it be possible with a future build to give us the ability to add published designs to our specific collections via Creator, rather than as we do now from our Profile?

My Profile does not load completely for me. Therefore, if I have a design I’ve been keeping in Creator’s Drafts for weeks/months, once published, it is difficult for me to find it in the main Profile so that I can send it to the appropriate collection.

Yes, definitely can do that. Adding to the roadmap.

Sorry to hear about your profile not loading completely for you. If you’ve already posted about that issue, can you point me to it?


Thank you for the quick reply.
Yes, I’ve mentioned it a few times. My initial topic is in a private discussion. Do you want that link? The other is here: Facer's pages load very slowly

Basically, Facer loads only the first 20 or so designs in my main Profile. It’s impossible to see much in Featured Designs. Using Edge, Facer is the only site with this problem. I can run Tweetdeck with multiple accounts and columns running as well as business pages and my personal account on Facebook. They never have a problem. I do OEM hardware reviews so my systems are all fairly new with great processors. My ATT ISP can keep up with everything. Not sure why I have a problem with Facer.

Hi @Linlay

Are you not able to load more than 20 faces in your profile with other browsers than Edge as well? What happens when you scroll down? Do you see a loading animation at all or it just does nothing?

I’ve tried Pale Moon as well as Edge. PM does slightly better than Edge, but the images still do not load well. Yes, I see the loading animation. It just grinds away forever… and ever…

I’ve given up on trying to see everything on my Profile. However, as long as all designs are now in collections, those are easier to load.

I have one request for the future: it would be great if we could click on a design in one of our special collections that would link to its place in Creator for editing. If I see something in one of my collections that needs updating, I have to go back to Creator and scroll for what seems like forever to find it.

Hi Linlay,

Can you send an email to regarding your specific issue loading faces in your profile? This is obviously not acceptable that you are still dealing with this and we’d like to fix that for you ASAP. Feel free to share the ticket ID you will receive when you send your support email and I’ll make sure it’s escalated.

Regarding the ability to edit a face from a collection, you should already be able to do that by clicking on the little cog icon next to every face in Facer - if you are the author, an “Edit” option should be visible and it will open that face in the Facer Creator.


Excellent! As long as I can work from collections the slow loading profile is not a problem. However, I’m getting ready to send a note to Support in case other members may have the same problem.

*My responses at Facer will be slower than normal during CES and in a few weeks following that.

Edit: Done. My email contacts pulled up, so that’s where it went.

Thanks, @Linlay! We got your support request and it’s been flagged as high priority for our engineering team to look into

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