Adjust dim brightness

I just created a couple faces but the dim face seems so bright, is there a way to adjust just the brightness of the dim face? I have other faces where I can adjust the active face and the dim face separately. I can’t seem to do so with facer faces.

There is no direct setting. You would have to adjust the coloring for the elements that are on the DIM face. For example, if you have a white element on the active face (#FFFFFF), then maybe color it more dimly for the DIM face (#DDDDDD). Depending on the watch hardware, the watch may further dim the brightness for dim mode. Or some watches have a setting to control the dim brightness.


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Ok, but I tried sliding the transparency and it effects both the dimmed and active tabs, It appears doing so with the color of the font does so as well.

As it turns out, the dim face does dim down after a period of time,

I always just include a “dim mask” to my dim side. I add a square shape in full black and then set the transparency to the desired level. Usually somewhere between 30-60%. Sometimes I’ll add two to accent a particular feature on the dim side like text. Since text is generally rendered white, this can turn it 50 shades of gray.

I realized that you can hid elements you add to the watch for dim side and active side. I didn’t see that before. Now I can add a copy of the other element, set it to white, adjust transparency and make the active side hidden.

Thanks, As I said, I’m still learning! It’s so cool.

I’ve used the dim mask as suggested, but i have another question.
Would it be possible to have the dim mask opacity adjust pet the time of day, or based on a light sensor reading?
I find that if it looks good at night, you can’t see it hardly in daylight.