Adjust Picture?

I have tried multiple times to make a watchface but have failed every single time. Whether the pic is horizontal or vertical it always comes out looking terribly stretched out in a single direction and I have no idea how to fix that. Not only that when I look at the preview a good quarter of the bottom is nothing but black. How do I fix this? How do I adjust the pic to take up the entire watchface, not look stretched out and get rid of the black on the bottom?

I’m not sure that it matters but I’m trying to do this on Tizen.

Well, lets start for the image size. Watchfaces are 320x320 so you have to choose images bigger than that, the usual over here is about 640x640 or 960x960. Thats if you wanna keep the watch aspect. Any image you put on creator you can scale from the angles (without press shift key) and always maintain the original ratio. If you see on creator it shows 3 types of watches (square, circle and flat tire) In the flat tire watch always shows biack at the bottom because certain smartwatches have that issue in their screen. Choose circular watches without flat tire in tbe preview and you will see the image on the entire watch. Good look with your face making!


Just to add to the info that Carlo provided, once you have designed your watch face, it would be good to check it by clicking on the “flat tire” button just to make sure it won’t be hiding information or anything important in the picture when owners of watches with that feature sync it. The black area at the bottom of Motorola watch faces and (I think) another brand is not really an “issue” according to customer research. That shelf hides sensors and keeps the bezel thin. When Motorola designed their 360 models they supposedly had the highest screen-to-case ratio of any smartwatch.

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Thanks! I think I’ve got the hang of the photos so far. Right now I’m adjusting them to fit. Thank you so much for the help!

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