Adjust Transparency depending on outside temperature

I’m hoping to build a set of icons or messages that will appear depending on the outside temp.
If temp = -20c to 0c show message “it’s cold outside”
if temp = 0c to 15c show message “it’s cool outside”

I’ll create the text blocks, I just need the expression tag for changing the transparency from 0 to 100 depending on the temp range.

Any thoughts? I’m having trouble finding a face that has it already. I know it will use #WCT# but I can’t do the formula.

Tried this, but nope. Not sure if it defaults to using F or C.
$#WCT# >=55 <=70 ? 100:0$

As it is the message displays all the time. I tried changing hte number sto much smaller ones, and the message still displayed.

Try something like

Check ou my wotchface here…

I did the same with a pic instead of text…

Sweet! I’ll test it now!

The range didn’t work but using your example, setting if the temp is > or < x then show/don’t show.

That seems to work.
Check it out here

Crap! Stopped working, All layers of my weather text are showing at once now. :frowning:

Not sure how to troubleshoot.

Figured it out.

Facer app on the phone is set to use Celsius. When i set it to F it works. Set back to C it breaks.
I’m sure there is a way to tell it to check both but DAMN.