Advice On Removing Designs: Should I?

Looking for suggestions: I’ve noticed that it is taking longer for my Collection to load. Would it be a good idea for me to remove my designs that have been synched less than, say, twenty times? I like to be able to contribute to Facer’s selection of designs, and love creating them, but I don’t want my 60 watchfaces to load so slowly that people skip them altogether.

Hey @Linlay,

I would never remove designs (unless you’ve grown bored of them, believe them to be “dated”, or there’s no interest in them anymore). Your profile should load the first 20 or so design right away when the page loads. then as you page down the page continues to load more designs.

Maybe @patdude can comment? Patrick Pilcher (the quirky kiwi) has over 230 designs. How does his page load for you?


@Facer_Official re load times, noticed recently that facer has been sluggish both creator and viewing embedded tags, don’t think it’s my setup as bandwidth, latency, ping (7) and overall speed (200mbs) are very good, is it that Facer servers are overloaded or throttled? Been playing with a website where I use the embedded tags and it loads really slowly - any advice on why? (DESKTOP ONLY)

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Hmm… in that case maybe it’s not me. Pat’s page loads just fine today - awesome designs! Edge is handling all of his as well as all of mine at the moment. It’s still daytime here though. During the day it’s been fine, but it’s during the evening US/EDT when it gets slow. Maybe there are more people on here in the evening? When that happens, the first 20 of mine load ok, but it’s clicking on “Show All…” that causes everything to crawl along - which is why I thought I might have too many saved. In addition, once I publish something it takes longer than usual for it to go through the process.
@John, thanks, it’s good to know that I don’t have to remove any designs.

@hayden 100% agree - Facer’s embedded tags load really slowly. To counter this issue, I have limited the number of embedded tags that must be loaded simultaneously by grouping designs into collections and using an accordion to show only one collection at a time.

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I find it seems to depend on time of day - Im 15 hours ahead of LA but find that even though I have gigabit internet at home, speeds can fluctuate depending on peak loads for international bandwidth…

Thanks Linlay - thats high praise indeed!

@pacingpoet, nice website, good solution

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@hayden Thanks! I actually just broke out my collections into distinct pages. The accordion wasn’t edit-friendly. And at the rate that I’m going, one design page won’t work out in the long term.

One thing I discovered is that the iframes aren’t actually transparent. The little corners with curved edges show white triangles if the host section/page isn’t white. :unamused:

yeah, noticed the corners too, it’s a pity as it restricts darker backgrounds 'cos those pesky corners really stick out

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