After last update the time stays white with themeable face in dim mode

Yesterday I had a update for facer app on phone and watch.

After that the time stays white in dim mode.
Also if I choose a color with theme picker in the face.

The time has themeable on in dim mode in the creator.

Before the update it works good.

I have a galaxy watch 6.

Anyone else have the same problem?


Hello dear friend. I have a galaxy watch 4, both apps are the latest version but no problem. Do other watch faces have this problem?

Hello mate,

Yes all faces that have theme picker and have it in dim mode are affected on my watch, and also other mates have the same problem on galaxy watch 6

I have some animated designs, in dim mode, every time it is in a different place and it is not animated, this is how it work. But if Dim doesn’t work well on watch 6, we should report to support.

Similar issue. Digital faces especially those by BatWolf, when dim the time goes black and is basically unusable. I see the theme option now also and the time disapears in dim more no matter what theme/colour is selected.

So now I have a whole set of faces I can no longer use.