After the updates my saved watchfaces doesnt appear and are reduced to only new ones and only a handfull of them

so this goes further than this, i got many faces on my huawei watch and after a few updates not only the old ones that i spent that many time collecting are gone, but only the new ones i sinc appear, and thats only a few of them, not all of them stay. And if i sinc the ones i already had before the updates, they sinc but if i change the face they are gone again. Should i just wait ntill huawei send the update to 2.0 that they say will be here before this month finish, or is there something i can try to fix this before the update is here?

I am having the exact same problem. I’ve purchased many faces - probably more than I’ve downloaded for free, and now, none of them at all show up in my watchbox. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled both my watch and the Facer software without any difference. Also, the Facer Companion App that is mentioned, I am unable to find anywhere - and pressing the button upon startup does nothing. I have a Michael Kors watch.