Ahoj from 🇨🇿

:czech_republic hey my name is dominik :recently bought samsung watch 6… but couldnt find any good watchface that would suit my mood or every difrent day minute etc… so decided to start making them myself :smiley: and got suprised how easy it was to start with this tools…


Welcome @dominiktvaruzekpravi :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Dominik

Welcome to the party. Whatever you do, enjoy what you do. Great attitude to create yourself, that is what it is all about here. The creative part and the learning part and the sharing, was always my main motive to be here around. I wish you all the success and pleasure.

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Welcome! The number one goal here is to have fun and it sounds like you have accomplished it. Enjoy yourself.

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Welcome to the Community!
Ah yes, CZ, congrats to the Ice Hockey World Championship!
We here in Switzerland gave you a hard time, but had to settle for 2nd place!

No hard times here, just lot’s to learn…

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thanks :smiley: