Alignment & Rotating Text with Time


I wanted to see if I could create digital time numbers that rotate with the analog hand positions. I got that done using sin/cos functions, but I have one issue: If I rotate the text 90 deg, it rotates from it’s base (as opposed to it’s center point), and no longer aligns with the hand indicator.

Take a look at the example. I’d like the digital hour number to be centered on the dashed line instead of sitting on top of it. Can you specify a text center point? Or adjust the baseline? Or can I add an offset in the X/Y positions somewhere?


@MolecularOrange try this
digital hour number:
x pos
(((sin(((#DWFKS#+10)/180) * pi)) * 50)+160)
y pos
(((-cos(((#DWFKS#+10)/180) * pi)) * 50)+160)

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you can work with conditionals:

Perfect! Thank you! I figured an offset could be added easily enough. I think I had just been staring at it too long figuring out the rotation!

Good luck in implementing your interesting ideas. :+1: