All of a sudden can't save face

I tried to save the face I was working on this morning and then went to lunch. When I returned the Creator “busy” icon was still moving and I assumed it was just stuck and the face should have been saved after an hour. Closed the window and got a “Do you really want to do this and lose your work” comment but ignored it and closed.

An hour later when I tried to work on the face again it was GONE!!! The last build recorded in the archive was from early this AM.

So I have spent an hour redoing things and before I got too far tried to save again but the BUSY icon is again running, and running, and running,…

Is something down at the head end?

My face isn’t that complex or big and the changes I made to an existing face were relatively simple so I can’t imagine why the pipeline might be clogged?

Any ideas or suggestions. I really don’t want to lose the efforts I have put in two times now !!! :frowning:

It’s been “saving” now for 2+ hours. Something must be broken. But that said, I hate to close the creator web page and lose all my work AGAIN!

Help. If I let it keep running can anyone at the mainframe discover what is going on?

This forum is great for getting support ideas from the other users but for this kind of problem it might be best to contact the Facer support people directly via:

or send an email to:

They will want to know what browser you are using ( I assume you are using the browser version - if not then I would switch to that instead of the desktop version ) and I guess what operating system. Oh and the versions of those as well.

Thanks Mike. My bad. I thought since I picked the “Support” item out of the pop-up list of places to post that I was reaching a support forum.

I will advise them as hopefully what I discovered can be helpful to finding a cause and fix.

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Sorry, I just came across your reply … And no issue with posting questions to the forum; it is a great place to get help from other community users but for formal assistance the links I gave are best. I hope they can sort it out for you.