All of my Purchased Watch Faces Disappeared

Hi Guys
It seems over the past week I have lost all of my Purchased Watch Faces. Can someone please look into this as I had several packages that were purchased when they were on sale. I have not been able to use any of them all week as a result of this.

My phone BTW is a DTEK60 running Android 6.0.1.

Hi! sorry about that! Can you check which version of the app you are running on your phone? We fixed an issue related to this in 3.1.13.

Hi I have 3.1.13_3021 installed. I even removed the app and downloaded it again to see if that helped. It didn’t. All my purchases are still missing.

Do you happen to have multiple Google accounts set up on your phone? The purchases are tied to that and maybe your phone is set to another account than the one you used for the purchases? Either way, I recommend sending an email to referencing this discussion and they’ll help you out (or refund if they can’t find the solution!)

I only have one google account for this watch which is associated to my device. I don’t want a refund, I want my watch faces back. I have been buying them since last year and many were included in bundles that are now not available. Please fix this as this is not right and should not have happened.

I will contact little labs as this is just ridiculous.

Guys what is the expected response time here. I emailed the support address you provided twice this week and still have not had any response. Not even an automated message. I really would like someone to look into this as I want my watch faces back. Can anyone here help??

Sorry about that! Can you share the ticket # you received when you emailed

That’s just what I was saying, I have received no automated response or ticket number. I have the emails sent which I can forward to you if you want to see them.