All stock facer fonts have lines on Galaxy 4

I made this post to show that all stock fonts and every font I’ve downloaded from daFont have the same bad quality AND white lines on the Galaxy 4 classic. This can’t just be on my watch.

I have downloaded some other faces by top makers on Facer that don’t have the lines on my watch but I have no idea what they are using or doing to avoid this issue.

This is a serious problem.

I’ve had that issue with some fonts at times on both my Fossil Carlyle test watch and both my GW4 watches. I think it’s a WearOS or Facer issue and not really related to the watch itself.

That doesn’t actually look like lines on the Font, more like edges of squares that the Font is behind, so the problem is not with the Watch, Facer, or the Font, it is with the image you are using that has those Blocks/Squares/Cut-outs or whatever they are. That’s how it looks to me, because your image shows horizontal and vertical lines on some letters/numbers in some positions, but not on the same letters/numbers in different positions. Definitely looks like either Font is placed inside cut out boxes or a very sloppy cut and paste job has been done :thinking:

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@icrltd4 @mrantisocialguy No cutting and pasting. I simply chose different fonts, mostly stock facer, on a text layer and entered the font name. Inspector mode is on.
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And look at that, it all looks just as it should now :joy:

it happens on ticwatch 2020 to with backlight at max, in autolight mode not


Ah, now that is strange :thinking:

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Interesting. Thanks for the photos, they explain allot, as I don’t personally have a GW4 to test on. It reminds me of some reverse fonts that almost, but don’t completely, fill the space between letters. When making an animated font with them in Creator I sometimes have to add a black fill between letters to fill these spaces. I wonder if it is somewhat of a similar situation where the coded space of the font isn’t quite filled up and leaves these lines? I really have no idea though…¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I have the same on my Fossil Carlyle. Fonts are also rendered slightly bigger on there than in preview mode. Could be a resolution/scaling thing.


I’m actually glad you posted this - I thought it was just me. It doesn’t happen SUPER often to me unless I use a stroke or glow, but when it does happen on plain text, upscaling it a point size or two seemed to help. They aren’t especially small on yours though so it IS weird, not to mention frustrating.
It’s a shame when a beautiful face doesn’t feel polished because the complication fonts don’t work right.

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