All work and no play

Man, just getting started, and last week went off the crazy end at work. Time flies when you aren’t having fun. lol.
I ditched photopea…going to start trying to use gimp more. Photopea seemed to be very limited on memory. Never noticed that before with other projects. Also downloaded blender, tried to take some tutorials…see what can come of that.
I took a shot at doing a luxury watch. Yeaaaaa…wasn’t the least bit impressed. Nothing luxurious looking about it. More like a Kmart blue light (extra) special. One for file 13 for sure.
I have 3 faces published now. Have had 13 syncs. Found it funny how giddy you feel when you start getting sync notifications. Can’t wait until I start seeing zeros behind those. I wish I could see how many times they were even viewed, and liked. Just to get a gauge on whether I’m chasing the right tail or not.


Yeah . That First Sync is a Real Thrill . I suspect your Tribute Face has had the most . A mutual Follower Flagged up your Design . Don’t worry about the Syncs for now . Build a collection of Faces you are Pleased with . The most Popular will Bubble up to the top over time . There is a tremendous amount of chance on the Fresh Faces . If I were you I would stick to Gimp .Plenty of Tutorials . Bit Daunting at first but a Grown up way of doing things .

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