Allow users to rate faces

Edited after considering comments below

At present it is possible to leave a public comment on a watch face via the Android app (I could not find this functionality via web browser, to view or post).

It is also possible to like a face (app & web), but the total number of likes a face has is not viewable publicly or for the designer.
An easy change should be to display the total number of likes per face (at least for the designer if not publicly).

Whatever is implemented should be consistent across the web and Android app platforms.

For an improvement, I suggest allowing users to also add a star rating for faces, similar to what the Google Play store has for apps. This could be useful for both users and designers.
The rating functionality along with the comment should be available via the Android app and via web browser.

If implemented, ratings could also be used as filter and/or sort options for general search as well as on a specific designer’s profile page. Else just use the number of likes.

I agree that they definitely need to keep things more consistent between mobile and desktop apps; being able to do some things on one platform and some on the other is just… let’s say lazy? I can’t think of any other reason why it’s still the way it is.

The star ratings though, I don’t think I’d like that. The problem is that taste is so subjective, and someone could land on your watch face and rate it a one star and then someone else rates it a 5… and that helps no one at all :stuck_out_tongue: I think a simple Like if you like it, or nothing if you don’t is just the way to go in that regard, a clear concise measure of how many people liked it (or cared enough to press the button :P). And of course… being able to leave/read comments on desktop would be great :roll_eyes:


I think it giving users the ability to see how popular a face is (by a likes/favorites) would be good for users and developers. As well as the consistency issue.

If it was going to be a rating system, a 2-star system could work. ie:
1 Star = I like it
2 Stars = I like it a lot

Or rather than stars, a 1 thumb/2 thumbs system maybe.

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Exactly. Other than visual appeal, people prefer different information on their watch faces.

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This is true, but only becomes an issue if you have the ability to vote negatively. Which, from what had been said, isn’t possible.

You can’t vote negatively but you can vote less than 5 stars, or 2, or thumbs down or whatever else :stuck_out_tongue: (thumbs down would be negative :confused:) and it’s just unhelpful to see a 2.3 stars rating xD not on something so subjective.
I’d say before even thinking about any of this they should really add the option to write and read comments from any other platform than mobile (and any/every other inconsistency there is while they are at it :roll_eyes:)

Tbf, I never mentioned a 5 star rating or the ability to thumbs down.

It is simply you like it or you like it a lot. No other option. This eliminates the ability to vote negatively.

I was not only making reference to your message but the OP as well, and they mention their star system similar to what google has, which is a 5 star. As for “like it” or “like it a lot”, that’s not how people are going to perceive it in the long run :stuck_out_tongue: a 2 star only face will look better than a 1 star xD But then if a few people vote 1 and a few vote 2, then it’s not gonna be 1 or 2, it’s gonna be a decimal somewhere in-between :man_shrugging: (hence the 2.3 example). In the end it amounts to the same as any other kind of rating system, there’s gonna be a value that will look completely arbitrary because it’ll be people judging “art”, which may look ok to some and amazing to others…

Anyway I don’t see how this is an improvement over what we’ve currently got, but hey, just my opinion.

Fair enough.

I wasn’t looking at an average, which would make decimals, I was more thinking:

1 thumb likes (X amount)
2 thumbs likes (Y amount)

Without showing an average.

Exactly, I was just trying to make it a bit different to the standard, to allow for taste being subjective and the fact that some may like a watch face more than others do. A kind of middle ground.

You make valid points though.

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Of course we all have different tastes, preferences and opinions.
Which is why Facer exists, else we could all use the same face on our watches :slight_smile:

It is also the reason for having a ‘feature request’ section on this forum where ideas can be debated instead of just being submitted straight to Facer.
So no offence should be taken if anybody disagrees with a suggestion or comment. I don’t :wink:

However, point taken regarding the stars and suggestion amended above.
My original suggestion had 3 (related) parts though:

  1. That the the existing likes are not visible as a total, other than by manually counting the ‘like’ notifications received. (stands)
  2. The star rating (now removed)
  3. That Facer functionality should not differ between the Android app and web platforms (stands)
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Edit: got what you meant.
Do you mean giving every user 2 ‘like’ ‘votes’ per face, all counting to the same ‘like’ total?
Alternative would be to give every user 2 ‘like’ ‘votes’ per face, all counting to the same ‘like’ total.

But does either of these options add real value?