Alternate Time Format Support in the Creator

Hi. I believe it to be extremely helpful to give developers the functionality in the Creator app to not only change time from AM to PM but also change the format to various standards when using the player tools. I can view my elements moving through the time domain but only in a 12 hour AM/PM format. This is frustrating as heck when designing a face that is supposed to support multiple watch platforms and time formats.

Simply put, if I can make it, there should be a way to test it in the Creator. I should not have to find out something does not work (correctly) after I have published my content.

If you click on the top settings menu you can change the format to what ever 12 / 24 / user defined just by clicking the option at anytime

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Well now, don’t I feel sheepish. Thank you.

hehe no problem mate

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You know, @dazstacey, I still feel this function would be better served in the player tools so that you can change it on the fly as needed. It is something to consider.