Altitude and air pressure stopped showing in watch face

my watch is Samsung Galaxy Watch.
I have a watch face showing altitude and air pressure, using tags #ALT# and #ATM#, respectively. Both worked correctly until recently, now the both show 0 m and 0 hPa.
The watch itself shows correct values in the menu, so this should not be a hardware/sensor issue.
Any tips appreciated.

Have you recently changed the units in Facer from metric to imperial or the other way around?

I ask because after I did that some time ago Facer seemed to stop receiving barometric pressure from the watch. My solution was to remove the Facer App from the watch and re-install it.

Actually yes, I noticed that temperature was shown in F° instead of C° because I accidentally switched to imperial units. After switching back to metric this is OK but altitude and air pressure still stuck to 0. I´ll try remove/reinstall Facer and let you know.

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Great thanks! It helped.

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Cool I’m glad it worked!