Altitude differs from sensor information

Hi all,

Why does the altitude on the watch differ from the altitude shown in the app on samsung gear s3?

I already dried to deinstall and reinstall facer.
I sometimes go to the mountains and thought it would be nice to have the information directly on the watch face, so that I don’t have to change to the app…

If I activate ATM in hpa it shows the same as in the widget. So why it could be another altitude shown with ALT, is it not directly taken from the calibrated altimeter value of the watch/widget?

The altitude shown in the widget is pretty accurate.

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Here the photo of the widget.
966hPa is also used, if activated in facer…

Perhaps another question is a better question: Can I use the value of the Samsung Barometer/Altimeter widget?

All I can tell you for sure is my Samsung S3 Frontier and Active 2 both misread the altitude for where I’m at by at least 1/2 in Facer. As for using the value of the Samsung barometer/altimeter Facer doesn’t support that function.