Altitude doesn't work on my Galaxy watch 46mm

Hi guys, do you have the same problem or is it just me (and my watch …)?
Well, it works on the watch, it doesn’t work on Facer, it’s always 0 meters (or feets) on the watch face.
Any tips to make it work?

It is working ok on my Galaxy watch. I seem to remember having the issue in the past though.

At some point I changed the units between imperial and metric and the altimeter ceased working after that ( I did this in Facer on my watch by triple tapping on the face and scrolling all the way to the right until the settings could be seen ).

The solution for me was to delete the Facer companion App from my watch and re-install it. Maybe that will help with your issue as well. Note that if you do that you will have to find and re-install any Facer faces you have now on your watch.

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Thanks for the tip, I will try to reinstall the Facer companion hoping this solve the problem. :+1:

I reinstalled the Facer Companion, but it works as before, i.e. it doesn’t work. :disappointed_relieved:

Sorry it did not work. After checking that all your software/operating systems/Apps are up to date, the next major step is to reset the watch :frowning:

I had the same problem with the same watch. I found deleting the Facer app from the watch and reinstalling it worked for me. The altitude figures started to register. It’s been right since then. You will have to install whatever you had in your watch box. It worked for me. Hopefully it will work for you.

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Already tried, it still doesn’t work on my watch. :disappointed_relieved:

When you say you re-installed it, just checking, but did you delete it from the watch first or just reload it? Or maybe that is as stupid question, maybe you can’t re-install if you have not deleted it first :grinning:

No, no, I first deleted Facer from the watch, then re-installed it. But it doesn’t work. Next step is to hard
reset watch to factory settings. Finger crossed…

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By the way, which watch face are you using - is it one of mine?

The reason I ask is that I clip the altitude value to zero if the reading would otherwise be less than zero ( that is, if the local weather barometric pressure is higher than 1013 mbar and the real altitude is near sea level ).