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Altitude grossly wrong

The altitude settings have gone crazy on all my created watches, and others FACER watch faces that download. I use TicWatch Pro 3 GPS. Altitude was correct for many months, but lately it’s been showing about 6,000 feet too high. (8621 vs 2700 ft) The altitude is correct on the altitude app on my watch.

I’ve removed and reinstalled Facer, deleted and recreated the altitude element on my faces. Restarted my watch, switched to a non-Facer face and back again.

Interestingly, my WatchMaker faces do not have this issue, nor does my watch if I check the altitude from the altimeter app, this is CLEARLY a FACER problem.

Can/will you fix this? @Facer_Official

Any suggestions?

Jim, I just checked on my Fossil Carlyle HR and the barometric pressure is reading 0.6 InHg less than what the pressure is at the airport 20 miles from my house. It’s also reading the same on my Galaxy Watch 4. It sounds like it might be a bug with TicWatch in particular. I know when I had a TicWatch it was very finicky with Facer for some reason.

In the future when you want help from Facer you need to tag @Facer_Official in your post or you can contact them at: https://help.facer.io/hc/en-us/requests/new and/or email them at: facer-support@little-labs.com

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I just bought a Samsung Galaxy 4 Classic and my Facer watchfaces are STILL showing altitude about 6000 feet too high. I’m starting to think that Facer is not serious about this as I’ve tagged and emailed @Facer_Official multiple times with zero response.

I think when my Premium/Plus and Pro Creator expires I’ll not bother renewing any of them.

When I sync the watchface (also on watch 4) indoors it’s usually wrong but when I go outside for more than 5-10 minutes it gets the right altitude and then it stays updated.
Don’t know why.

I only guess, maybe outside could the watch get the altitude from GPS.
For inside (stairs count) there it would have to rely only on the barometric pressure sensor, which may need calibration time to time.

Calibration would not account for a 6,000 foot difference in altitude being reported, and this ONLY happens with Facer faces, every other face I have used gets the altitude right immediately.

Playing around with some math, I discovered that if I divide that altitude as reported by Facer by 3.14 (π) I get the correct altitude verified by standalone GPS.


Amazing . Someone must know Why . A lot of mysteries under the Hood of this Bus.

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WHAT? Altitude is ROUND?!?! :rofl:

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I concur with both of you!