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Altitude reporting wrong

The altitude settings have gone crazy on all my created watches, and others watchfaces that download. I use TicWatch Pro 3 GPS. Altitude was correct for many months, but lately it’s been showing about 6,000 feet too high. (8621 vs 2700 ft) The altitude is correct on the altitude app on my watch.

I’ve removed and reinstalled Facer, deleted and recreated the altitude element on my faces. Restarted my watch, switched to a non-Facer face and back again, reset watch.

Any suggestions?

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I’m not sure on a TicWatch, but the Samsung watches has a place where you can calibrate the altitude reading that the watch shows. I would bet that the altitude on your watch’s app is calculated by your location and the altitude on a Facer face is from the baro sensor inside your watch.


That’s a distinct possibility, but it doesn’t account for it working properly for over a year. I just tested with an app that uses the watch barometer, and I can see changes in altitude, so I think the barometer is ok on the watch. Thanks for the hint about the potential difference. I’m sure if this was a Facer issue I would not be the only one with the problem.

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In my experience (also with Samsung watch) sometimes it shows wrong altitude when I’m indoors.
When I go outside it starts to show the right altitude and then when I go back inside it still shows the right altitude.

Why - I don’t know.


I’m thinking it might be android 11 and how it restricts location access. I’ll test on an older version tomorrow.

Hmm that’s interesting. I have a Samsung S10e and it’s on Android 12. But I never had any issues when it was on Android 11.

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I was wrong about android 11 being a possible cause. I tested with a watchmaker face that I made and the altitude reports correctly. @Facer_Official can you look into this?

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