Always on display for some seconds

I have a GW 4 not sure if expected but When use a face it shows for a 1 sec the always on display mode and then show normal face. I really hate this transition every time that I turn my wrist to see the hour and notice that small change.

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It’s my understanding that all watches in AOD ambient mode only update the face once a minute to save battery life. That means that seconds will stop changing when it enters ambient mode then switch to zeros at the first minute change.


Thanks for your replay. The fact is that I don’t have active AOD. So when turn to see the hour it shows AOD for 1-2 seconds before shows normal display. I hate this mini transition lol. This happen with all the faces that have the AOD option

Do all faces do this or just faces from facer? I can see this only on facer faces, even on its browser page, when the face loads, it shows the dim mode design for like half second, but I did not design it to do any such transition.

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Hello, I have the same issue. Can we remove this?

Galaxy Watch 4 - Facer