Always on display goes too fast

So I don’t know if it is wear os problem or what, but My smartwatch goes to always on display mode after 5 seconds… It’s awful. Any ideas?

I do not know what brand watch you have, but on my watches that has been a watch setting, unrelated to the watch face design. Have you checked your Display settings?

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I did :confused: I’m using Ticwatch E2. There’s no option To for that :confused:

Facer only matches what the OS/hardware allows. You need to check out the StayLit app on Google Play. Unfortunately it’s a paid app with no free version. I have a TicWatch E (first gen) that I use for testing and it does the same thing. I just have to keep tapping the face to keep it lit for as long as I need it.

Yeah… Very annoying. Especially that some faces need time to “launch”

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To answer your question, my guess is that the original poster’s question was answered months ago by mrantisocialguy. Others that follow linking to a commercial website appear to be unnecessary spam.