Always on display off

If I have always on display turned off on my Galaxy watch 4 classic how do I stop always on display animation from showing in the first second when I look at watch?.. Why won’t it just show the normal face right away?

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If you are talking about the phone app or the website, that is the way Facer has it set to display watch faces. We can’t do anything to change that.

Since you say animation… I think I may know what’s happening. Some designers code for a transition between the dim mode and the wake mode. So even if aod was off, when your watch wakes, it would still show that transition since it starts “on wake” regardless if the screen was on in dim mode or not. So if you are using a face with that coding there is nothing you can do about it.

You can test this by loading a face that has a dim screen but no transition coded. I myself never put in any on wake transitions, so you could try one of my freebies for the test.