Always Test Watch Faces On A Real Watch When Using Custom Fonts

Please be sure if using custom fonts to always test your watch face on an actual watch for they may not always work as expected. This may or may not actually be a Facer issue, but can be an issue just the same.

Working with fonts that are number only so that they are optimized to save space I have seen errors in some areas of the display that the numbers do not come in properly when uploaded to a watch, but looked perfect on Facer Creator. When replaced with the same exact font that was not optimized in this way, it fixed all the issues.

On some other watch faces using the full custom fonts, everything looked great in Facer Creator. But when uploaded to a watch, some areas looked just fine and others did not look proper. For these instances I just replaced the font with a stock font on areas that weren’t working properly. Everything then worked fine in these specific cases.

While it is always best practice to test all your designs on a real watch, not everybody has one to test with. In these cases you can always ask others in the forum to assist in testing it for you.

Hopefully my experiences and solutions are helpful.


Good advice. I just wish people would give feedback if a watch has problems. I published an Apple Face with an Animation on it. There were loads of Syncs but not one comment. So I agree it is better to test your designs on a real watch. It is just so tempting to have a go with the new design options.

Any one on here up for testing Apple Faces?

I agree with you. Most people do not let you know. We had an issue with one customer, so we just went out and got a watch and started testing them all. It is a quick and easy fix when you actually test the watch face and see the issue yourself. We fixed it right away and the customer was very happy. We test them all on real watches now as we make them. This avoids future issues.

One thing I noticed is while the watch face works perfect on the Facer website from my PC when creating the watch face… the ones that had created that had font issues also showed up as an issue on the Android App when I looked at my published watch face collection on my phone.

This does not say it will always be accurate when double checking it from the android app. But at least it’s a good additional check point once you publish your watch face. So if you don’t have a watch to test on, at least check it from the android app.