AM/PM hide when 12/24 hr user select

Hi Facers, can someone please help with writing an expression to solve this problem: I have a face that has 12/24hr user-selectable view, I’m also displaying AM/PM - how do I hide AM/PM when a user has selected to view 24hr display?
Here’s the face in question, a user a rightly pointed out that when 24hr is selected the AM/PM is superfluous.

Should be simple mate you can call the command #DTIMEFORMAT# that tells if your set to 24/12 hour system like this


Place in the Opacity settings and should sort it our

I Guess you need a double conditional.

Should be
Am on when AM and not 24h
Pm on when PM and not 24h


Try this out, I haven´t been able to test it myself

@dazstacey thanks much appreciated :+1:

Thanks, @joedoughty, appreciate it I’ll give it a try :+1:

Worked a treat :slight_smile: